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A love affair with all things gorgeous…
The most common feedback we receive is that when you start planning you’re dream day the sheer overwhelming nature of the task can completely take over and turn what is the most exciting and anticipated day into one of exhaustion and dread.

The practicality of having an Event Planner or Project Manager and On The Day Coordinator takes all the stress and pressure away from your planning journey to arrive at a day of complete satisfaction and joy.

From beginning to end we work hand in hand with you and your vendors until every detail is finalised to your liking no matter how seemingly big or small the task may seem. We understand that no two weddings or events are the same, therefore we specifically tailor with meticulous care the most finite details to hand deliver your dream day.

Package Options

Project Management, On The Day Coordination, Micro Styling & Installation
On The Day Coordination, Micro Styling & Installation

Mobile Pop-up Cocktail Bar

Love the crowd pleasers at Flame Trees Denmark? Let us bring the Best in the Bizz to your Event or Wedding. A fully staffed & Elegant Pop Up Cocktail Bar brings you a master craft cocktail list. Also serving beer, wine and spirits.


We here at Flame Trees emulate that the key to the heart is through the belly.We do not consider the preparation and service of food as a mere task, but rather we combine all manners of romantic expressions to enable each dish as worthy of its own; sixth entry into the universal love language handbook.
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